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Our Plans

SJHC offers different plans according to your requirement so we have everything for everyone! We do not have our own software but, we work with different companies that provide them and hence we have hands-on knowledge of multiple software. We also, provide you the benefit of choosing the software of your preference and work with that. We charge our payment on the basis of percentage and the payment schedules are tied with us. The plans we offer:

This is our starter pack that only includes Pre-billing services. You can view the services offered here. We mostly begin with this plan to understand your requirements and then devise a more elaborate plan customized according to your needs. Our aim is to provide top quality services to all our clients.

The basic plan is preferred by most of our clients. This package includes Pre Billing + Post Billing Services. Through this package, we take responsibility of the entire billing process from pre-billing to post-billing, follow-ups etc so that you can be carefree and concentrate on what is best for your patients. For more details about the plan please click here Our Services.

Here we offer you a customizable plan to fit your exact requirement and needs. You can choose services from ‘Our Services’ and contact us at INFO@SJMEDICARE.COM or directly call us at (908) 333-3407.
We have exclusive and customizable plans for Website Designing, Data entry, and other services. Please feel free to contact us.

Our Services