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Our Plans

There are different plans that we offer, we do not have our own software but we already have different companies that provide the same so the benefit is we you can choose which system you are handy with and we can start with them. The payment schedules will be tied with us, which will be done accordingly. The plans we offer:-

This is a starter plan which we offer at SJHC, it will only include Pre Billing Services, which you can find here Our Services. We mostly start with this plan, to know the work and how in best possible way we can meet your need. We are always analysing the data which we work with to get the best possible results.

Moving on, this is the second plan we offer which widely used by our clients. This package includes Uno + Post Billing Services, for more details about the plan please click here Our Services. This plan offers a complete dynamic from pre billing to post billing, all the responsibility in between is our and we make sure we handle it with utmost care and precision.

Where we offer Basic + Medical coding, for more info about medical coding please click here Our Services. This plan offers everything we have in the basic plan, and the addition to this is medical coding. We will be cautiously coding for the procedure and the visits, every second day before the submission of the claims we will be sending out a list of the codes we have put, you can always contact us to change anything before we submit the same.

Here we are offering Basic + Charts for progress and Denial. For more info about services, please click here Our Services. We also offer our Preventive services and Data entry in this plan. For info about this please click here Our Services. This plan does not include medical coding. We are constantly vigilant with this plan in sending you the progress chart, aging reports and denial charts so that with us, you also know how the work is progressing.

Where we are offering Expansion + Business Solutions, for more info about this, please click here Our Services. This is one of our highly rated service; it includes pre billing, post billing, charts and business solutions. We will also improve how you run the business, so more and more patients can come in, we also manage office problems so to improve how the work is handled.

We offer Charge entry + Transcription + Summarizing + Data entry, this is an additional service we offer which has all the listed above services, from filling anything from a hard copy to a soft copy, entering data and much more. We also offer medical transcription and Summarising. For more information please click here Our Services.

Here, We are offering Totally Customize Plan in which We design a New Plan just according to your needs and requirements.

for more information about creating your own Customize Plan please mail us at INFO@SJMEDICARE.COM or you can directly call us at +1-908-333-3407.

Our Services